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After a few weeks of conversations, today we can present to all of you the interview to the actor behind one of the most beloved masks and costumes of the Star Wars Universe. We’re talking of Jeremy Bulloch, the man who plays Boba Fett in “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Return Of The Jedi”.
Jeremy took his time to answer a short interview that we made it for all our community.


SWC: How was the casting process to be in Star Wars? How do you get the role?

JB: I was very lucky that I fitted the costume – so the part was mine.

SWC: What do you think about the new trilogy of Star Wars (Episode VI), to be released in 2015?

JB: I am very excited that finally we will see more films.

SWC: After the Disney acquisition of Star Wars Universe, one of the spin-offs announced is about Boba Fett. What do you think about it?

JB: It would be nice to see more of “Boba Fett” especially as he had so little screen time in the original movies.

SWC: Do you like to be part in this new Spin-Off or the new Trilogy of Star Wars?

JB: I think anyone would love to be part of the new series of films.

SWC: Do you think Star Wars change your life? If it’s, in wich way?

JB: Star Wars changed my life in that I suddenly had hundreds of fan mail from all over the world including Colombia.

SWC: Besides Boba Fett, you had other roles in the original saga. Can you tell us about them?

JB: Yes I played two small roles, one was an imperial officer Lt Sheckil in Empire and Captain Colton in Revenge of the Sith.


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SWC: You barely appears in the original trilogy, but Boba Fett is one of the most beloved characters of the fans and ranked as a really Badass. Why do you think this happens?

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JB: I think Boba’s costume is amazing and he is a very mysterious character.

SWC: When you read the script of Episode VI, what do you think about the way Boba Fett dies?

JB: There was rarely a script we were just given instructions on the day. It was probably better that it was surprise (although not a nice way for Boba to go!)

SWC: What do you do when you’re not travelling or assisting to conventions? Do you have any hobby?

JB: I play the odd game of cricket and am involved with our numerous grandchildren.

SWC: What have you listen about Colombia? Do you like to know our country?

JB: I have heard a lot about Colombia, especially the coffee and one day I hope to visit the people of your great Country.

SWC: What’s coming for Jeremy Bulloch in 2014?

JB: I will be voicing a character called Max in a cartoon series. Also I hope to be going to some more Conventions and have been provisionally invited to Argentina and Uruguay.

Thank you Jeremy for your kind and taking your time to answer us.  We hope to have you soon in Colombia know that you know the large group of fans you have in our country.

Please visit the Jeremy Bulloch’s official Website, where you can find official autographs and a signed copy of his book “Flying Solo”.


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