Interview: Pam Rose – Leesub Sirln


Hi Pam!

First, thank you so much for taking your time to answer this interview.

SWC: How do you join the world of movies?

 PR: I had done some modelling and Danced on a TV Pop Show call “Ready Steady Go.” before working on my first Feature Film. I was working in a Casino at the time in Brighton, when they started making a film called “Oh what a lovey War” in 1968.My friend and I went down and joined up to work on it. The first 2 weeks of shooting I did 14 days filming and 12 nights in the casino. I loved the filming so left the Casino. joined another working part time and carried on filming for the next 3 months.


SWC: When you join the cast of “A New Hope”, do you know that you character was Leesub Sirlin?

PR: When I did Star Wars 1976 I was known as Weird Girl. No idea when it was changed to Leesub Sirin, that was the name I used on my first signing Leesub Sirln was the name that was on my action figure in November 2009, so it changed again. Such a story behind my little character.

I have and had no idea of all the shows and interest in Star Wars.

It started when I retired in 2005, joined my agent and she started getting fan mail for me.

SWC: Do you still work in movies? What do you do now?


PR: I still do some filming, and keep my hand in doing Fun Casino nights. But I have been lucky to be invited to lots of Memorabilia shows. 14 booked so far this year.

SWC: Do you have any hobbies? Do collect Star Wars memorabilia of your characters?

PR: Yes I have been given dolls ,a teddy and, drawings of Leesub Sirln, which of course I keep and cherish.


 SWC: We heard a story about 2 Polaroids, can you tell us the story?

PR: About my 2 polaroid pictures, I was well know by the time Star Wars was made, my father was very ill and I wanted him to see what I looked like, I was trusted and allowed to have them. Honoured and never used them until recently. All my other pictures have been passed on from my friends and fans.

SWC: Was George Lucas too bossy when he directs you?

PR: George Lucas what can I say, he was unknown to me, professional, don’t remember anything about being bossy at least not with me, I did what I was supposed to do.

SWC: How are the fans in the conventions? They know you and recognise you?


PR: Yes now I’m recognised most of the time and have a great time with the fans, organisers and Costumers, love having all the pictures taken, Facebook has played a big part in this. Sharing all over the World.

SWC: Leesub Sirlin have an action figure and is one of the most difficult to find. How do you feel being immortalised in a toy?

 PR: Having an action Figure WOW I never knew that I even had one. Again Facebook to the rescue, a fan from France messaged me, telling me he had bought it, from London, my home town. So off I went to purchase some. Now they are getting more difficult to find.


SWC: What do you remember the most about the filming set of Star Wars.?

PR: Memories, spending 2 hours every morning in makeup and 1 hour every evening to have it removed, 5 days filming and 2 days overtime just for makeup. Sitting knitting, chatting, when you work on films you are never that surprised at make up and character’s you work with. unusual yes, amazing yes.


SWC: What have you heard about Colombia? Do you like to come here someday?

PR: No I have never been to Columbia, and don’t really know much about it. YES I would love to be invited there one day what an honour.

SWC: Pam, thank you so much for your answers and we’re really glad in Star Wars Cali to meet you. This is you home from now!

PR: Thank you again for asking me to do this interview, Love to you and my Fans. MTFBWY.

My web page is

My signings are listed on http://www.starwarsactorsapperences/ under Pam Rose

 Love from Pam, Leesub Sirln


All Images are courtesy of Pam Rose. Some images are property of Lucas Film Ltd, All rights reserved


Interview and translation by Diego Armando Ruiz and Alejandro Serrano

Grupo de fanáticos a la más grande saga cinematográfica de la historia, Star Wars.
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