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Interview: Steve Grad, the pawn stars expert
Aug 11, 2016 / Colecciones, Comunidad, Entrevista /
Image from History Channel Pawn Star is one of the most succesful tv shows of the History Channel Network that is transmitted in Latin America.It shows people selling or pawning something exotic, strange, with an autograph or that belonged to someone important in history, everything is part of the show. But for Steve Grad, what happens in the show is part of his daily life, not just because he is one of the experts called by Rick and his team when they have doubts about something, his ...
Interview: Bill Hargreaves, The Droids Maker
Jan 13, 2016 / Entrevista /
William (Bill) Hargreaves - photo by Rene Comtesse (UK) The name William Hargreaves or "Bill" how is called by his friends, is now well unknown. However, for the big fans of the Star Wars saga, his name it's well related to IG-88, the Bounty Hunter droid and other movie props made for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Bill give us some of his time to answer us this interview, so enjoy it! SWC: How and when do you started making movie props? BH: I started ...
Interview with Ryder Windham
 Ryder Windham and Roxy The Rancor Ryder Windham it's a prolific writer about the Star Wars Universe.  Known by books like Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide, Millennium Falcon: A 3D Owner's Guide and more recently The Bounty Hunter Code. Besides, he's an active member of fans organisations and beneficial events.  Ryder has granted us this interview, when we're going to know a little bit more about him. SWC:How do you start you career in the literary world, and when did you start writing about Star Wars? RW: I ...
Yodanews: Primer Vistazo a las figuras de Rebels Saga Legends
El sitio de noticias de Star Wars YodaNews ha publicado lo que es el primer vistazo a la nueva colección de figuras de la serie Rebels. Son 12 figuras que según le han informado a YodaNews reciben el nombre de Rebels Saga Legends. Esta colección incluye personajes que no son propiamente Rebels, pero que dirán de que episodio son, sin embargo la verdad al respecto de esta línea se vera en el San Diego Comic Con que inicia la próxima semana. Para ver los demás personajes ...
Interview: Pam Rose – Leesub Sirln
Feb 12, 2014 / Comunidad, Entrevista /
Hi Pam! First, thank you so much for taking your time to answer this interview. SWC: How do you join the world of movies?  PR: I had done some modelling and Danced on a TV Pop Show call "Ready Steady Go." before working on my first Feature Film. I was working in a Casino at the time in Brighton, when they started making a film called "Oh what a lovey War" in 1968.My friend and I went down and joined up to work on it. The first 2 ...
Interview: Alan Flyng
  For many fans of the Star Wars Saga, the name Alan Flyng doesn't ring a bell when they ear it, however, when they know the roles he played in Empire Strikes Back, they recognise him immediately. Recently we had the pleasure of interview Alan, answering some questions about him and his career. SWC: What do you do before you role in Star Wars? You always been an actor? Before acting, I worked in all sorts of jobs whilst studying to become a singer and actor. I started my ...
Pocos pasos para un camino largo
Nov 07, 2013 / Comunidad, Eventos, StarwarsCali /
Hoy, nuestro blog cumple un año del que espero sean muchos años más. El camino recorrido hasta ahora es muy corto con respecto a lo que visionamos para el futuro de nuestra comunidad y no será fácil lograrlo, pero haremos todo lo posible. En un par de meses cumplimos 2 años como comunidad, será otra fecha importante para hacer un recuento de nuestros logros y metas alcanzadas, así como para proyectar que viene en el futuro, como el maestro AlejoSerrano lo escribe en su post. Nuestro ...
Interview: Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett
Image from:   After a few weeks of conversations, today we can present to all of you the interview to the actor behind one of the most beloved masks and costumes of the Star Wars Universe. We're talking of Jeremy Bulloch, the man who plays Boba Fett in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Return Of The Jedi". Jeremy took his time to answer a short interview that we made it for all our community.   SWC: How was the casting process to be in Star Wars? How do you ...
Off topic: Concurso @campusparty
  Aunque nuestra comunidad es de coleccionismo, noticias, entrevistas, eventos, etc del universo Star Wars, siempre hay un espacio para la tecnología. Claro, esa tecnología que poco a poco nos lleva a la comunicación holográfica, droides de protocolo, naves y esperamos que pronto sables láser. Bueno, aquí les dejamos un comunicado que nuestros amigos y aliados de Campus Party nos han enviado para que les ayudemos a difundir. [Versión en español] Asunto: La Comisión Europea y Campus Party lanzan el mayor concurso de apps de la historia con ...
Interview: Dave Oldbury from “Let the wookie win”
Dave and Christopher Lee (Darth Tyranus)   We had a conversation with Dave Olbury, admin of the Website Let The Wookie Win and StarWars Autograph collecting  fanpage, who owns a huge collection of autographs from actors, producers, camera mans, technicians and a big etcetera, of people involved with the production of Star Wars.  Dave answer some questions we made and share some of his knowledge in the world of collectors.   Can you give us a short introduction about yourself? Hi there my Name is Dave Louis Oldbury im 45 years old and ...